Hair Transplant Philippines Cost

How much does a hair transplant Philippines cost? You know the price strat from ₱55,000-₱500,000 . Its very expensive right ?

The cost can go high or low depends on the type of procedures hair transplant you’re using

Here is everything about hair transplant procedures in the Philippines.

Types of Hair Transplant

Many people today experience hair thinning while some others experience hair loss.

Most of them are considering a hair transplant.

If you are looking for details about hair transplants, make sure that you check the latest hair transplant Philippines cost and different types of hair transplants.

Types hair transplant FUE vs FUT image

1.Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT Hair)

Another name for FUT hair transplant is the strip method. FUT hair transplant comes with so many benefits.

The first one is the manageable recovery time. The recovery time usually will last between 10 and 12 days.

Below are some other benefits of FUT hair transplant.

  • Follicle survival has a higher rate since the hair will be harvested from a mid-donor zone with most hair being permanent.

The follicles of FUT will be harvested carefully. Thus, the protective tissue will still be robust. Check out the latest FUT hair transplant Philippines price now.

  • The FUT hair transplant is going to look super natural on your head.

The FUT hair transplant procedure in the most reasonable hair transplant Philippines cost will give you a very thin and linear scar the size is less than 1 mm. It is easy to conceal your hair transplant.

  • There will be no extra scarring from the next sessions.

You may have to take some procedures to get the FUT hair transplant. But those procedures will only give you a small, round scar. No one will notice the difference on your scalp.

2.Follucular Unit Extraction (FUE Hair Transplant)

Another type of hair transplant in Philippines is the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant.

This hair transplant comes in two different types: robotic and manual.

The robotic one is going to use a robotic device while the manual one will be done by the physician with a handheld device.

Robotic hair transplant Philippines cost may be higher than the cost of a manual FUE hair transplant procedure. But this procedure will give you various benefits.

This procedure will give you high graft quality, thanks to the computerized system.

The robot is going to be able to choose the strongest and healthiest follicles for a more successful transplant and harvesting at a more reasonable hair transplant cost.

The result you get will be very natural. The FUE method is going to harvest hairs and transplant them into natural groupings.

You will not get linear scars that make everyone notice there is something wrong with your hair. You can get the shortest hairstyle with this procedure.

No pain after the treatment or even during the procedure.

Just like an easy trip to your dentist, this FUE hair transplant procedure will use local anesthesia so that you will get minimal to even zero discomforts during and also after the treatment.

Who is Hair Transplant for?

Hair transplant procedures like FUT or FUE hair transplants are the best solution for people who suffer from permanent baldness.

The bad news is that permanent baldness runs in so many families. If you have permanent baldness, then you should check out the latest hair transplant Philippines cost.

Usually, this hair transplant is not suitable for people who have some other hair loss types.

For example, if you suffer from hair loss that causes alopecia areata or bald patches, you may have to look for other treatments.

But if you need to get the best solution for your permanent baldness, this is for you.

Hair Transplant Philippines Price

For those who wonder about how much is hair transplant in Philippines, here are different price ranges from the six best medical centers in the Philippines.

Medical Center NamesHair Transplant Costs
Clinique de ParisBetween ₱150,000 and ₱500,000
Nu/Hart Hair Restoration ClinicBetween ₱80,000 and ₱300,000
Beaufaces Cosmetic Surgery and Facial CenterBetween ₱200,000 and ₱300,000
Cosmetic Surgery PhilippinesStarts from ₱80,000
Asian Hair Restoration CenterStarts from ₱125,000
Hair Infinity by The Medical CityStarts from ₱55,000

The different types of hair transplants have different costs. You need to find the best hair transplant procedure for your own hair.

What Happens During a Hair Transplant?

The procedure of hair transplant involves removing grafts from scalps that bears hair.

The next step will be relocating the grafts to a thinning or bald area of your scalp.

The goal is to make your hair thicker and look more natural. That’s why you need to check out the hair transplant Philippines cost now.

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