Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost Philippines

The penis enlargement surgery cost Philippines depending on which place you get the treatment.

Check the price list, the risks, and after effects that you might get.

The Uses of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Increasing wide and length

The main use of penis enlargement surgery is to increase the width and length of the penis size.

For some men, it is crucial because it can increase their sex performance.

However, this procedure might need more than once to fit the wanted size.

  • Increasing the confidence

Some men need better confidence and penis enlargement surgery cost Philippines is one of the best options for men.

The surgery can be performed easily and according to the request as well. By enlarging the penis, their self-esteem is also getting better.

  • Getting better sexual potency

Sex performance can be better with a larger penis. This sexual potency is the main reason why many people choose this option.

Even though men know how penis enlargement surgery work, you will know the effects are better, especially in sexual performance.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost Philippines

The penis enlargement surgery cost Philippines will make the patient spend some money for the surgery.

For the wanted and fitted size, the surgery might take a lot of procedures. Here is the price list of penis enlargement surgery in the Philippines.

The place to get surgeryPrice range
The hospital₱ 80,000-150,000
Licensed clinic₱ 50,000-120,000

What Are The Risk of Penis Enlargement Surgery

  • Infection

The infection is one of penis enlargement surgery risks. However, a good reputation hospital can help you to avoid any kinds of risks following the surgery.

Therefore, you have to choose the surgery place wisely. Check the reviews online before you choose the place.

  • Different result

Everyone who goes to the procedure expects the size they want. However, the result may be different because the team should maintain the well-being of the patient too.

After that, you may feel dissatisfied with the result, so you have to be prepared for this.

  • Additional surgery

You might experience where the risk of penis enlargement surgery price Philippines if you need additional surgery.

This case is happening to some patients because they have to avoid worse risks that may happen.

The result might be that your penis becomes shorter than expected.

  • Losing Sensation

Another case that might happen as the risk is losing the sensation of the penis.

You won’t feel good or get better than the previous sensation with the original size of the penis.

Sure, you might regret it after that. It is crucial to have discussions and reviews from medical authorities.

  • Having bad reaction

Bad reactions because of anesthesia are one of the problems that some patients find after the surgery.

Anesthesia can make the penis lose sensation.

Some anesthesia effects may occur such as itchy, allergic, painful, and losing the sensation for a while.

Recovery from Penis Enlargement Surgery

  • No intense exercise

Exercise is good, but after the penis enlargement surgery recovery, you shouldn’t have any intense exercises.

You have to have mild exercise only for the next sixty days until the penis is fully recovered. It is because intense exercise will give you discomfort.

  • No intense sexual activity

After penis enlargement, it is crucial to not have intense sexual activity.

The reason is the fat in the penis might not work properly yet.

So, sexual activity that involves penetration is only good for the next thirty to sixty days after the surgery.

  • Keep track of the doctor

As penis enlargement surgery after effect the patient should track their development to the doctor.

Having a consultation is crucial because the doctor also needs to know whether or not the infection occurs. It is also the way to prevent yourself from the worst case of infection.

Penis enlargement surgery cost Philippines is quite affordable in the hospital.

However, you need to find a reputable place, such as a hospital to do the surgery. Doing the surgery in the proper places will prevent you from getting infections and other risks.

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