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Drug Test Price Philippines

Cover Drug Test Cost in Philippines

How much should you pay to get the most accurate result from a drug test in the Philippines? Drug test

Gallstone Operation Cost Philippines

Cover Gallstone Operation Cost in Philippines

Gallstone operation cost Philippines start from ₱ 12,000 – ₱ 80,000. The cost varies due to the surgery type and hospital conducting

Veneer Teeth Price Philippines

Cover Veneer Teeth Price in Philippines

Veener teet price philippines start from ₱ 4,500 – ₱ 10,350 . Is a crucial part of this procedure and

Circumcision Price Philippines

Cover Circumcision Price in Philippines

Circumcision price philippines start from ₱ 1,000 – ₱ 10,000 . The price can go high or low depans several

Medical City Laboratory Price List

Cover Medical City Laboratory Price List in Philippines

Medical city laboratory price list start from ₱2,500 – ₱20,000. The price can go high or low depans several factors.

Keltican Price

Cover Keltican Price in Philippines

Keltican price is available in various options so you can find the difference between Keltican capsule price Mercury Drug to other pharmacies

Newborn Screening Test Price

Cover Newborn Screening Test Price in Philippines

The newborn screening test price in the Philippines starts from ₱550. This price is applicable for the basic newborn screening

Scoliosis Surgery Cost Philippines

Cover Scoliosis Surgery Cost in Philippines

The scoliosis surgery cost Philippines can reach ₱1,000,000. Due to this high cost, some patients need to seek financial assistance