For those who aren't familiar with podcasts
they are a series of mp3 audio files that you can download to your computer or mp3 player (iPod or other). You can listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

In case you subscribe to our The Liberal Times Manila Podcast, which we hope you will do, special podcast software like iTunes will automatically download any new installments for you.

iTunes is free and easy to use. Go to

Instructions to subscribe through iTunes:

Currently, the iTunes store does not allow podcast accessibility to users with the Philippine iTunes accounts.

If you want to subscribe to our podcast, run your iTunes program, click on "Advanced" at the top right, then choose "Subscribe to Podcast," and paste in the URL

That's the URL to use for other podcast-friendly software programs as well.

Alternatively, you can just manually download new episodes from this podcast's home page as they become available.


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