Maiden Issue: Who We Are? Why Are We Joining the Community? Who Are Our Partners?

In the maiden issue of the Liberal Times Manila podcast, Alexandra Cuyegkeng and Ronald Meinardus explain why the Friedrich Naumann Foundation's Philippine Office has joined the growing community of podcasters. They share some thoughts on the possible relevance and the potential of podcasting in the Philippines.

The aim of this podcast is to inform the Filipino and international public on a monthly basis about the Foundation’s projects and plans. As it cooperates closely with partner institutes, these are also featured in the show.

In this first episode of the Liberal Times Manila podcast, Young Liberals and Democrats of Asia (YLDA) Program Officer Anne Elicaño and Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) Executive Director John Coronel explain their advocacies and give an overview of upcoming projects.

Dieter Bachman provides podsafe music.

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