Episode 05: The First in a Three-Part Special Episode Series Featuring Speeches from the 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit: A Focus on Political Blogging and the Politics of Blogging

The Liberal Times Manila podcast highlights speeches and interviews with Internet personalities of the 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit on 18 April 2006 at the UP College of Law, Quezon City in a series of three special episodes. Following the summit’s format of dividing topics into tracks, the Liberal Times Manila podcast divides the special episodes into three themes: political blogging and the politics of blogging, podcasts and problogging.

The fifth episode features excerpts from the keynote speech of Global Voices co-founder Rebecca MacKinnon on the functions of blogs and the need to open up the blogospere to more people. It features interviews with journalist Erwin Oliva on blogs as a source of story leads, Manuel Quezon III on political blogging and Davao Councilor Peter Laviña on applying blogs to governance.

As in our previous shows, Dieter Bachman provides the musical background.




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