Episode 37: Lessons from the Obama Campaign

Episode #037
(56:13 min 52.7MB)

Joe Hansen, U.S. Democratic Party political consultant, shares anecdotes form the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign. He attributes its success to its “standing the traditional campaign structure on its head.” He talks about how it was run on the basis of respect, inclusion and empowerment. Hansen mentions how there were no preconditions; anybody who wanted to work in the campaign was welcomed. He also contrasts Obama’s campaign style with that of Clinton’s and McCain’s and discusses their mistakes.

Hansen also compares the role of civil society organizations in the Philippines and in the US. He discusses their importance in political life. He urges them to keep working to influence politicians’ decisions and to hold officials accountable for their promises. After all, democracy is strengthened by these continuous interactions.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann.

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