Episode 12: Turning the Page: A Review of the Foundation’s Publications and Projects, as We Enter the New Year

In this episode, Alexandra Cuyegkeng and Siegfried Herzog review the Foundation’s projects in the latter part of the year: the second Liberal Leadership Training seminar, the book launch of Notes from the Academy, a compilation of International Academy for Leadership (IAF) reports, the Kapihan (coffee forum) on the Human Rights Situation, and the book launch of Beyond Borders.

They briefly discuss the concept of the free market as the best tool to alleviate and eventually eradicate poverty — which was the theme of the second Liberal Leadership Training seminar. They also talk about the value and impact of the IAF seminars as they read excerpts from Notes from the Academy. The book launch of Beyond Borders provides a concise summary of the discussions during the Kapihan with quotes from two winning essays.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann and Vince Guaraldi.






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