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Turning the Page: A Review of the Foundation’s Publications and Projects, as We Enter the New Year
Friday, 22 December 2006

Episode #012
(17:01 min 15.9MB)
In this episode, Alexandra Cuyegkeng and Siegfried Herzog review the Foundation’s projects in the latter part of the year: the second Liberal Leadership Training seminar, the book launch of Notes from the Academy, a compilation of International Academy for Leadership (IAF) reports, the Kapihan (coffee forum) on the Human Rights Situation, and the book launch of Beyond Borders.

They briefly discuss the concept of the free market as the best tool to alleviate and eventually eradicate poverty — which was the theme of the second Liberal Leadership Training seminar. They also talk about the value and impact of the IAF seminars as they read excerpts from Notes from the Academy. The book launch of Beyond Borders provides a concise summary of the discussions during the Kapihan with quotes from two winning essays.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann and Vince Guaraldi.

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Good-bye and Hello: Tribute to Outgoing Resident Representative Dr. Ronald Meinardus and Welcome to His Successor, Mr. Siegfried Herzog
Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Episode #011
(16:11 min 15.1MB)
Alexandra Cuyegkeng welcomes her new co-host, new Resident Representative Siegfried Herzog. Together they pay tribute to Dr. Ronald Meinardus and talk about his contributions to the Foundation’s Philippine project. They discuss his last two programs in the Philippines and in the region: the first Liberal Leadership Training seminar on local government and the fourth Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats communication workshop.

In the second part of the show, Mr. Herzog talks about the Foundation’s first activity under his leadership: a round table discussion with Liberty Institute Director Barun Mitra on 6 October 2006. Mr. Mitra shared his views on the unilateral liberalization of trade and the importance of property rights to participation in the market. Excerpts from the discussion are included in this episode.

The music is provided by Dieter Bachmann.

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The Liberal Foundation and Human Rights Advocacy: A look at the Ateneo Human Rights Center’s Internship Program and the Impact on the Lives of Law Students
Thursday, 24 August 2006

Episode #010
(18:16 min 16.7MB)
Alexandra Cuyegkeng and Ronald Meinardus talk about human rights advocacy as a vital cause to the liberal Foundation. They discuss the Foundation’s support for the Ateneo Human Rights Center’s (AHRC) human rights field work program, and the AHRC and the Foundation’s joint launch of the book Remembering Still: Interns’ Reflections on Alternative Lawyering in the Philippines. This book is a compilation of essays on lessons learned from law students’ immersions in the fringe sectors of society. Remembering Still shows a glimpse of how the AHRC internship program has profoundly shaped the lives of law students.

The music in this episode is provided by Dieter Bachmann.

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A Liberal View on Terrorism – Speech by the Lord John Alderdice, President of Liberal International (LI), at its Joint International Conference with the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the Philippines
Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Episode #009
(18:45 min 17.1MB)
Lord John Alderdice is the president of Liberal International, the global network of liberal political parties. He hails from Northern Ireland, where he was at the helm of the Alliance Party for many years. He also served as speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly and on the independent Monitoring Commission, which is charged with looking after paramilitary activities and security normalization in Northern Ireland. As Lord Alderdice explains in his speech, terrorism in various parts of the world has similar roots and causes. Therefore, also from a liberal vantage point, the answers to this global challenge should be similar. Once more the program is hosted by Alexandra Cuyegkeng and Ronald Meinardus.

The music in this episode is entitled “Wicked” and provided by DoXong.

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