The fight against corruption can be sustained only if everyone rises up to become leaders. FNF is launching the search for anti-corruption programs: LEADERSHIP & CITIZENSHIP AGAINST CORRUPTION to recognize initiatives by individuals, NGOs, government including LGUs, businesses and media to eradicate corruption. They will be awarded as THE FREEDOM PROJECT 2013.
The Freedom Project aims to recognize outstanding initiatives that promote, safeguard and maximize the benefits of freedom. It seeks to translate freedom from a mere concept to actual programs that influence how individuals perceive themselves in relation to their role in society. The Freedom Project fosters appreciation of freedom as it relates it to issues that affect people and communities, and to solutions where one can be part of.

The Philippines has made remarkable achievements in terms of economic growth because of the government’s commitment to fighting corruption. The Aquino Administration treads the “straight path” leading the country to progress. Aside from ensuring that these developments trickle down, the challenge is sustaining them beyond President Aquino’s term in 2016. And for this, the Philippines needs you.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is a German liberal foundation that works for good governance. Part of this advocacy is supporting anti-corruption projects and influencing organizations and individuals to shun away from, and citizens to be vigilant about corrupt practices.

I am Free from Corruption: Leadership and Citizenship Against Corruption

2011 Liberal Project Winners